Low Back Injury in Rogers MN

Low Back Injury in Rogers MN

Low Back Injury in Rogers MN

The first thing our Rogers chiropractor will say you should know is that you need to ice your back at the injury site in order to reduce the pain.  Whatever you do, do not use heat against your back. This will intensify the swelling and increase your pain.

Using Pain Relievers in Rogers

Try to not use pain relievers as this will dull the nerves and STOP the messages from the injury site to your brain! Those messages are there in order to signal the brain to send healing down to your back. If you block those messages it will take longer to heal. It takes a huge amount of pressure on your nerves before you even feel any pain. You can be sure that you have at least a 60% loss of communication in the nerves (mental impulses flowing) from the brain to the site of pain. What you may not know is that those same nerves that communicate to where your back hurts also communicate to internal organs. It is very likely that your injury is affecting the health of one or more of these organs:

the valve between the small & large intestine, the large intestine itself, the Endocrine glands, Thyroid, Pancreas, Liver, Adrenals, Colon, Prostate or Uterus, other Reproductive organs, as well as the overall Tone of the nervous system. All of these organs have their own symptomatic issues as can be seen in the blue spine "Screening nerve chart."

Don't wait! It's important to be seen by a chiropractor right away in order to realign the spine - to take the pressure off of those nerves. The longer you wait the longer it takes to correct the alignment. Left untreated the pain can get worse or…..often times the pain goes away, but the bone does not put itself back into the proper position. This continued pressure on the nerves (even though you don't feel it) WILL cause health issues for you in the future!

Take the time now to call our office to make an urgent appointment. Our doctor's office phone # is:  (763) 424-5511.

How to Ice Your Back

Make an ice pack from a gallon or quart-size zip lock bag filled with ice. Have a towel handy to put behind your ice pack. Lie on your back, or sit if you still can.

First, put the towel down. Then lay or sit down. Now position the ice pack behind you between your back pain and the bed/sofa/chair. Leave the ice pack on for 15 to 20 minutes and then take it off. Refreeze. Repeat every hour until you have some relief. This will reduce the swelling of the injury site and the nerves in that area - thus reducing pain.


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