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"Peggy talks about how she came to see Dr. Seth Richter, how she had seen other chiropractors who wanted to give her all kinds of supplements. But with Dr. Seth's specific chiropractic adjustments, her back pain has finally resolved. He knew exactly how much care she needs and gave specific adjustments that helped her body to heal."

- Peggy

“There are no words that could accurately express how the treatments have improved the quality of life in only a few weeks! Being virtually migraine-free is priceless.”

- Margeaux

“My chiropractic experience goes far beyond just physically feeling better. At the time I began with Dr. Seth, I had just accepted the fact that I would have some chronic pain forever. I felt that I just had to live that way, and mentally that was incredibly defeating. There was also an internal ache and frustration that weighed heavily on my soul, lots of why me’s and a defeatist view of the future."

- Anonymous

"Through the power of chiropractic care and with Dr. Seth’s educating, I have learned that things can and will improve, and that these are all linked mind, body, and soul. Physically, I have no more chronic pain, no numbness, no persistent discomfort. Mentally, I feel hopeful and inspired. My soul is no longer heavy, and what before was impossible now seems possible."

- Anonymous

"As a mental health professional, I have used my story to inspire others who are struggling due to chronic pain and regularly discuss with them the benefits of chiropractic care. Not just physically, but mind, body, and soul.”

- Meghan

“3 1/2 years ago I walked like a duck and couldn’t sleep at night. After teaching for 37 years I had traveled for 5 years. So I decided to stay in Elk River and get my knee fixed. After 2 total knee surgeries, and thanks to yoga and swimming I tried to return to an active lifestyle at age 65! But I needed something adjusted and thanks to chiropractic care the past 6 months with Dr. Seth I’m lifeguarding at a Water Park and returning to a lifestyle I had 50 years ago! My goal is to dance again and hike the “Jesus Trail” in Israel on my 70th Birthday!”

- Meryl

“I woke up with a migraine and was already so nauseous I wasn’t sure how I was going to take care of myself and my 10-week-old son. I managed to get the two of us to our adjustment appointment, but expected to go back home and spend the rest of the day in bed. Within 20 minutes of my adjustment my nausea was gone. Within 90 minutes my migraine had dwindled to a minor headache and I felt like myself again. After a rough start, I spent most of the day headache-free. In the past I would have ended up in the ER for pain killers after suffering all day. I am thrilled with the dramatic results I experienced (and continue to experience) with chiropractic care!”

- Amy

“I have had problems with my hips for years. I could never go for walks without intense pain. After just a few visits, I can now walk long distances pain free! Thank you Dr. Seth!!”

- Nancy

“I have had regular chiropractic care since 1988, but due to insurance issues, was forced to go without for a year before coming to your office. I had visited several chiropractors “allowed” on my plan but hadn’t found a Dr that believed in the care of the entire body in wellness and after injury. I wanted a long-term relationship and not an every now and then affair. I met Dr. Richter at the Father Hennepin Days in June of 2009 but due to unemployment and life events, was unable to obtain regular care until November of 2009. I told him I would return, not sure he believed me, but I knew I had found a chiropractic home. Since the birth of my daughter, I have had the autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto’s disease and must take some thyroid supplementation. But in the year without much chiropractic care, my thyroid hormone levels substantially increased. This indicated my body was working harder to perform these functions which left me exhausted and weak. After about 3 months of steady chiropractic care, my dosage was deemed too much and I had to reduce the amount of thyroid hormone I took. I believe regular care with a focus on reducing nerve interference has stabilized my body allowing it work properly. Thanks Dr for taking care of me and my family and being patient while we worked all the “kinks” out.”

- J


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