5 reasons Why Children In Rogers MN Need Chiropractic Care

5 reasons Why Children In Rogers MN Need Chiropractic Care

5 reasons Why Children In Rogers MN Need Chiropractic Care

We want you all to know that Anchor Chiropractic in Rogers is a FAMILY chiropractic office. Chiropractic is not just for adults! 40% of our patients are children.

5 reasons chiropractic is great for our children in Rogers

  1. Children are in contact with many, many germs - they need a sound immune system, which is one of the wonderful benefits of chiropractic.
  2. Children get ear infections, tummy aches, and owies - they need their brain communicating with their ears, their tummy, and every part of their body - at 100%. With the brain able to communicate at 100% the body heals quickly and completely, without drugs or medicine.
  3. Children fall. They fall when they are learning how to walk, and no matter how much we try to hold them and keep them safe - they sometimes still fall out of the highchair or fall off the changing table. I've seen them flip over on their toddler scooters or wipe out on their road bike.
  4. Many children are total athletes in extremely demanding sports like football, lacrosse, and gymnastics - just to mention a few.
    It may be obvious by now why children need chiropractic care, but did you know the most important time to get your child's spine checked?  It's at the very beginning, right after birth.
  5. We see many newborn babies here at Anchor Chiropractic. For the newborn, going through the birth canal is a most physically traumatic experience. In addition to the natural difficulty in the birth process, many babies are pulled out of the womb by the head or neck. This can greatly damage the spine and affect the child's body and brain functions for the rest of their life.

As parents and guardians, Let's us be the reason that our children have every opportunity to be healthy - both now and as adults throughout their life. Get YOUR child's central nervous system checked! For more information about chiropractic care, visit our Anchor Chiropractic website and take advantage of our new patient special offer.


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