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Upcoming Events At Anchor Chiropractic:

Tuesday, Dec. 10th 6:45 PM | Dinner at Rockwoods.
Tuesday, Jan. 14th 6:45 PM | Dinner at Rockwoods.
Tuesday, Jan. 28th 6:45 PM | Dinner at Rockwoods.

Bring your friends to a complimentary dinner to meet and hear from Dr. Seth Richter.
Call to RSVP (763) 291-5961

Cross Food Drive at Anchor Chiropractic
Cross Toy Drive at Anchor Chiropractic
Christmas Patient Appreciation at Anchor Chiropractic


“There are no words that could accurately express how the treatments have improved the quality of life in only a few weeks! Being virtually migraine free is priceless.”

- Margeaux

"Through the power of chiropractic care and with Dr. Seth’s educating, I have learned that things can and will improve, and that these are all linked mind, body, and soul. My soul is no longer heavy, and what before was impossible now seems possible."

- Anonymous

“I have had problems with my hips for years. I could never go for walks without intense pain. After just a few visits, I can now walk long distances pain free! Thank you Dr. Seth!!”

- Nancy K.

Recommended Chiropractor - White

20965 South Diamond Lake Road #108

Rogers, MN 55374